Tableware for the 30 th jubilée of the Double wars

I have the great honour of making the tableware for 30 th jubilée of the Double wars.

The design of the tableware is inspired by pottery from Siegburg in Germany. This type of pottery was imported to Sweden in a larger amount in the beginning of the 15 th century.

The stamp is based on a 14th century stamp from Stockholm and designed by Stina Silverstielk.

The tableware are made in stoneware and glazed with a transparent glaze. Can be washed in a dishwasher.


Height 10,5 cm. Diameter 8,5 cm. Holds 30 cl.
Price 150 SEK

Small Cup

Height 7 cm. Diameter 6,5 cm. Holds 10 cl.
Price 90 SEK


Height 6,5 cm. Diameter 14,5 cm. Holds 50 cl.
Price 170 SEK

Small bowl

Height 4,5 cm. Diameter 10,5 cm. Holds 15 cl.
Price 150 SEK


Height 2,5 cm. Diameter 24,5 cm.
Price 180 SEK


Height 20,5 cm. Holds 1,5 liter.
Price 360 SEK

It´s possible to get the stamp with a gold glazing. This costs and extra 40 SEK for each stamp. The gold glaze is painted ontop of  an already glazed surface. Pottery with details in gold should not be washed in a dishwasher nor used in a microwave.

How to order

This tableware must be pre-ordered. Send an email to alexanderkrohn@yahoo.com in which you write what you want to order and also your name and phone number. As subject you write DW.

When I receive your order I will answer you with an email about how to pay. When the payment has been registered I will start producing your order.

The delivery will be at the Double wars. You may also come to pick up your order at my pottery in Bromölla.

The 2/4 is the last day to place you order if you want to be guaranteed to have your pottery in time for the Double wars.